You will need the Arduino Software for the calibration code to successfully work which can be found here.

Before any of the code can be copied, it is extremely important to note the correct processor, board and port as it allows the finger to work.


Your board should be:

  1. Connected as an "Arduino Nano" or the specific name of the board you are using;
  2. The processor should be on "Old Bootloader" which wil help loop the code to stay on your arduino;
  3. The port can vary depending on the arduino and the way it is consctructed, go through each port and see which one is the most successful!
The code

Calibrating your code and bionic finger

This step isn't as scary as it looks! It's simply altering the degrees on the microservo so that it can better follow your hand movements more closely through the flex sensor.
To calibrate, we have to alter int angle = (flexSensor - 450)/1 as this is not calibrated to our finger. Find the serial monitor located in tools and bend the sensor, remember the number of the highest and lowest values. Monitor
Finding the difference of the numbers and dividing this by the number closest to 180 degrees will mean you have successfully calibrated your finger!